We’re letting the big dogs out

Ever look at industry seniors and think, ‘wow, they know so much stuff.’ Ever think, ‘gee, I know not much stuff at all’?

 Well, once upon a time, in a land not too different from this one, our industries most brilliant minds knew nothing at all. They’re human, and we’ll prove it to you. They’re here, open and candid, to tell us what they wish they knew when they were small, what they’ve learnt getting to where they are, and all their wisest words on how you can get there too. We call it:

Lessons in Hindsight: Advice from the big dogs, on how to be a little dog. Now available on Spotify!

We’re letting the big dogs out, and looking back on the careers of the industries most senior, to help juniors look forward with theirs. If you’re after a start in the industry, a new job, or want to know how to progress in the one you’ve got, these are the words you need to hear. 

Stay tuned for a howling good time.