Youngbloods Super Bowl Playbook

The Super Bowl has come and gone. That Brady guy won again. And we’re still eagerly scrolling through YouTube links of the world’s biggest brands' contributions to what is advertising’s day of days.

To help keep you up to date, Youngbloods from across the country have shared their takes on this year’s Super Bowl ads.

Tide | The Jason Alexander Hoodie

Emerson Domingo l Youngbloods QLD

This year, Tide is going all in on the memes. While it’s no Bernie in mittens, Jason Alexander’s (many) faces on a hoodie is ripe with potential. No idea who he is? Doesn’t matter. My Asian immigrant mum who doesn’t follow politics finds Bernie memes hilarious. This has the same appeal. And in a year where loss-making gaming stores can be memed to a 1700% market cap increase, it’s almost fool-proof to do anything that sparks that sweet, sweet user-generated content. Especially on the biggest stage of them all - and even if it means you get on r/fellowkids

Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade l Last Year’s Lemons

Isabel Evans l Youngbloods VIC

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Well, if you’re a multi-billion-dollar beer company, you jump on the Seltzer bandwagon and ride that sweet low-calorie wave. Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade. I mean, why not? The ad doesn’t take a massive leap of faith or uncover a deep human truth, but watching people get KO’d by a shitload of lemons falling from the sky? Don’t mind it. Now bring on a year of oranges.

Anheuser-Busch l Let's Grab a Beer

Johnson Ta l Youngbloods QLD

It’s wholesome, there’s nothing quite like commiserating with a mate over a beer. And this year aren’t we all collectively commiserating 2020? It’s refreshing to see a beer ad speak to a simple human truth like this so well. The collaboration between David Fincher and Atticus Ross gives the scenes a crisp and light feeling when they could have so easily been depressing. I relate to all the scenes and the hopeful nostalgia hits like a soft drizzle. I can drink it all up and remain only slightly tipsy.

Logitech l Defy Logic

Phoebe Peralta l Youngbloods QLD

Ahhh, the power of a strong line. While there was no shortage of exciting creative at the 2021 Superbowl, it was Logitech’s brand campaign, and particularly its closing line, that really stood out to me. Logitech: Defy Logic. Simple? Yes. Captivating? Definitely. The line is brought to life by celebrating creators, artists and activists who are defying expectations to forge their own path and change the world. Admittedly, I can’t say that the Logitech brand has evoked a strong emotional response in the past, but there’s something about this enjoyably uplifting ad that’s really changed my mind.

Cheetos l It Wasn’t Me

Claudia Sarosiek l Youngbloods VIC

This ad left me wanting more. Not more Cheetos – but more of the song. Less breaks in-between gags. More gags. Just MORE. It felt like they ran out of budget 3/4 way through shooting and decided to just skip a few scenes and extend the ones they did have. I will say this though, The NOSTALGIA that they tapped into is unparalleled. Mila and Ashton, apart from being #couplegoals, definitely hold a special space in our hearts from their time on-screen in our formative years. And speaking of formative years – Shaggy’s cameo, his role as weird genie/confidant/invisible friend is certainly interesting. I’m much more likely to listen to the song than buy the chip.

Uber Eats l Wayne's World & Cardi B's Shameless Manipulation

Alex Capper l Youngbloods VIC

A true testament to the strength of the UberEats platform is just how far the creative execution can stretch. It still holds even as they’ve changed the positioning from ‘Tonight I’ll be eating’ to the ‘Eat Local’ prop to drive support for local restaurants hit by the pandemic. Nevertheless, I never knew I needed a ‘Wayne’s World x Cardi B’ collaboration, but here we are. Subliminal messaging, a 2.5 hour cut, Cardi B dressed as Garth, and, of course, the obligatory Alice Cooper reference. This had it all.

Party time! Excellent!

Doritos 3D l Flat Matthew

Katelyn Testa l Youngbloods NSW

Sometimes the easiest way to crack a brief is to take things literally. And who doesn’t love the classic ‘problem > solution’ ad format. (Although in this case the problem is meeting your death at the hands of a Roomba). The funny thing is, this concept would probably still work without a big name celebrity, but hey it’s ‘Murica and you’ve gotta spend your $3 million budget somehow! Still, the best part about this ad is it brings to life my long term fantasy of scoring free snacks from a vending machine. I’m actually quite impressed!

Michelob Ultra l All Star Cast, This Time With Don Cheadle

Shaun McFarlane l Youngbloods VIC

I don't like it when brands use a celebrity in place of an idea. But, using fake celebrities as the idea? It kind of works for me. The message is simple, clear and entertaining. The others guys *cough* White Claw *cough* are fake, and we are not. It's not groundbreaking but it does make you do that laugh where you just quickly exhale.