Youngbloods Sign The Mentally Healthy Minimum Standards

Youngbloods are proud to be a part of the movement to enhance our industry’s capacity to cope with and improve our levels of mental health by signing the Mental Health Minimum Standards, an initiative by Mentally-Healthy.

The stigma surrounding mental health issues in our industry needs to be addressed. Over 55% of Advertising professionals are currently displaying mild to severe signs of anxiety and depression, and while awareness is growing positive change will only come from action.

By signing, an organisation is showing a commitment to abide by a set of working standards developed as a benchmark for businesses in the creative, media and marketing industries regarding mental health. It helps provide clarity on a topic that is often met with doubt or uncertainty.

This is extremely important to us as Youngbloods. As a collective, we represent those who are about to or have just entered the Ad industry, and because of this often experience emotions that can be a precursor to mental health issues. By supporting these standards, we are ensuring no one has to suffer in silence.

Want to find out more? Check out the Mentally Healthy website.