My pledge to a better mindset

Our very own Youngbloods WA Co-Chair Ali Mackellar reflects on the power of mindset, and shares three simple commitments on how she's improving hers (and how you can, too).

I’m writing this blog off the back of bingeing The Bold Type so am feeling very Jane Sloan-esque as I go to write this. (However, I am most definitely a less glamourous version).

I want to talk about mindset, and more so my commitment to improving mine. Mindset is incredibly influential and I believe that it has the power to control everything.

We’re all guilty of an overreaction. You see that email come through with a pesky request… In reality, said request probably causes the slightest inconvenience, however you react as if the sender is holding your left arm hostage. No? Just me? Anywho, you get my point.

And not to mention, how good does a Friday rant feel with your work pals? Sipping on a rosé complaining about the latest drah-ma.

While in the moment it all feels warranted, I realise that it all snowballs to becomes ‘bigger than Ben Hur’. And before I realise it, I’ve become someone I really didn’t want to be.

I’ve always classified myself as a go-getter who tackles every challenge thrown her way. And I realise that the more I succumb to the need to rant or whinge, the further I move away from that.

So, this is my pledge to be better at rolling with the punches and focus on that growth mindset. What is a growth mindset? I’m so glad you asked. Put simply, people with growth mindsets continuously try to learn and grow to better themselves. It’s about focusing on opportunity and looking at life, glass half full.

Without further ado, here are my three commitments to you:

1. Practice gratitude.
It builds resilience, but it also makes you much more appreciative. It’s a challenging notion to pick up, but the more grateful we are, the better mindset we have. Today I am grateful for living in a beautiful city and being able to walk freely. Repeat every day.

2. Embrace challenge.
Throw yourself in the deep end, even when the situation makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s where we do our best learning. And afterward ask: “What could I do differently?” or “What worked and what didn’t? It’s the only way to grow.

3. Capitalise on positive moments.
Channel your inner Oprah and if you’re having a good day – tell someone. Smashed a personal goal? Celebrate the wins! It’ll make you focus less on the negative and more on the positive (and remind you how good it feels). It doesn’t mean that the negative will go away, but it’ll bother you less.

By deciding to put the effort in to build a growth mindset, there is a better chance of getting the results you want and really live your best life. I’m SOLD. I hope my commitment encourages you to reflect on your own mindset and, if it needs a makeover, take the plunge with me.

P.S If I happen to know you IRL, call me out if you see me hastily grabbing a bottle of rosé at Friday drinks…

Written by
Ali Mackellar, Perth WA.