Hard Sell competition winners announced

Late last year, we launched the Hard Sell competition, a free-to-enter creative competition for advertising students and juniors to sell the unsellable, judged by the industry’s best.

After an unprecedented number of entries and an incredibly high standard of work throughout, we’re stoked to announce the top three. Before we get into it, a quick reminder of the brief: sell Cadbury Roses to single people on Valentine’s Day.

FIRST PLACE – Feryx Lim & Patrik Angyal

And the judges said…

Amy Weston, CHEP CD: “I love that this idea turns this unique Roses benefit into a new utility we didn't know we needed.”

Tara Ford, The Monkeys CCO: “This idea has worked out how to make a box of chocolates even more enjoyable for singles on Valentine’s Day. Give them an award.”

Matt Chandler, DDB ECD: “The satisfyer partnership was the smartest and most insightful of the lot, creating a smart sensorial connection between the experience of eating chocolates and the experience of, ummm, the other thing. Well done.”

David Ponce De Leon, Ogilvy ECD: “Very original Valentine’s Day idea which I haven’t seen before. It works well with the different flavours of Roses and at its core is a celebration of the single life, of not needing anyone to indulge you on the Day or in life in general.”

SECOND PLACE – Georgie Parchert & Alice Tran

And the judges said…

Amy Weston, CHEP CD: “What I like about this entry is that it took the brief somewhere different. The final result is a brand partnership I can easily see taking place in the real world and is further helped along by a snazzy name and hand drawn typeface.”

Kathy De Lullo, Cadbury Senior Marketing Manager: “This idea celebrates singledom. It’s inclusive of all people on a day that is currently exclusive to couples which makes it very closely tied to our brand purpose, It's full of Cadbury Goodness.”

THIRD PLACE – Jonti Groth

And the judges said…

Matt Chandler, DDB ECD: “This simple print ad really stood out for its insight. While it could be simpler in places, there are some funny observations copy, and a genuine truth at its heart, that you don’t need no Jake if all he has to offer is the occasional box of roses.”

Kathy De Lullo, Cadbury Senior Marketing Manager: “I love how this idea empowers people to gift and treat themselves with delicious Cadbury Roses. It’s a clever and humorous play on relationship decision making with an impactful visual. Brings out the inclusive nature that Cadbury Roses is for everyone, not exclusive for couples.”

We’d like to give a big thanks to the judges for their time and Cadbury for allowing us to promote their product in a way they never thought possible (as well as the free choccy!).

Lastly, congratulations to the winners and all the entrants for their impressive work. Round two of the Hard Sell competition is coming soon, stay tuned for more information.