Youngbloods VIC WIP

LOCATION: Royal Saxon, 545 Church St, Richmond, Victoria 3121


Every now and then we need to touch base to keep each other in the loop, aligning once more to see how we're travelling. No more talk of archetypes, synergy, or memory structures, because we're taking this offline.

If hearing any of the above language sounds all too familiar, this one is for you.

Youngbloods VIC WIP is a low-key, come as you are event where you can unwind over some drinks while listening to something better than the office playlist. This is your chance to share some stories, have a laugh, and enjoy the company of people who are in the same position as you, a youngblood in the ad industry. Hey, if nothing else it can be a good reason for you to leave work on time Thursday, or a poor excuse to rock up to work late Friday

Tickets are $20, and Youngbloods VIC are shouting the first few rounds if you get in early.

Visit for tickets.

Hosted by Youngbloods VIC and the Communications Council.