VIC: Official AWARD School After Party

Date: Wednesday 10 August
Time: 10.00pm - 12.30am
Location: Near & Bar Far, 373 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Cost: your blood, sweat and tears were enough

Hey AWARDies,

Can you feel your heart returning to its regular beating? Are your brain muscles relaxing? And your eyes adjusting to the outside world again?

We hope so.

From us at Youngbloods, a huge congratulations for finishing AWARD School. We empathise with those late nights, that 126th bowl of cup noodle, the accidental spilling-cup-noodle-on-your-work, crying a bit, pulling yourself together, manically pressing submit, worrying if the button is somehow broken only for you. We totally get it!

That’s why we want to reward everyone for the past few months of terror with a big old night of fun. So, you’re all invited to your own party. The Official Victorian AWARD School After Party 2022. Or OVASAP for short?

Get ready to celebrate yourselves with a night of laughs, drinks, nibbles, clapping, and hopefully no tears!

See you all there superstars.