Date: Friday 5th July
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: Brewdog Fortitude Valley
Tickets: Free! and gets you drink!

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Yo wassup my fellow peeps, we know you’re just about done with this EOFY, so we’re bouncin’ it off with a banger WIP Drinks! Forget the 90s - that’s soo last year, we’re bringing Y2K* back (that’s fetch). Rock up with your freshest retro-fits ????️ and celebrate or commiserate with other Youngbloods in the industry. You can also just talk about a simpler time when everyone was wearing bell bottom jeans and Ugg boots.

Best part is we’ll be shouting you a free welcome drink (That’s hot ????), but spots are limited! There’s no time to waste - secure yours now!

Reserve your spot now!

*Y2K stands for the Year 2000 for all you young kiddos

Hit us up with any questions on updog.