QLD: End Of Year Party- Would Adland Lie to You?

When: Friday, 17th November at 6 pm
Where: The Loft, West End
Ticket Price: $25
Includes: Drinks & nibbles
What to wear: Something over the top (it’s a game show after all)


Hey Adland folks! Get ready for an electrifying evening that's gonna keep you on the edge of your seats then in the middle of the dance floor – it's "Would Adland Lie to You?" Party Edition!

Ever heard those wild stories from the advertising industry that leave you wondering, "Did that really happen?" We're hosting a game show like no other, a mash-up of fact and fiction that'll have you guessing if Adland stories are true or just a load of baloney.

Here's how it's gonna roll: Picture a game show type event, just like the telly favourite 'Would I Lie to You?'. We've got a panel of three top-notch Adland legends who will spin their yarns. But here's the catch – some of these stories are as real as a Brisbane summer while others are total bullocks. It's up to you and your fellow Adlanders to separate fact from fiction.

But here's the cherry on top – after all the “wows” and the “no ways”, it's time to make your own legendary Adland memories at a good old-fashioned Adland party! Share your own stories, create some new ones, and let's make this a night to remember.

So, lock in the date, grab your most over-the-top outfit, and get ready for a night of laughs, surprises, and certainly a few eyebrow raises. What are you waiting for, find out for yourself… "Would Adland Lie to You?"