Youngbloods NSW Trivia

TIME: 6:30PM (trivia starts from 7pm)
LOCATION: Dove & Olive - 156 Devonshire St, Surry Hills
FOOD & BOOZE: Drinks and snacks for those who get there on time


Youngbloods trivia is back! Assemble your brainiest, most pop-culture-savvy and quick-witted industry mates for a trivia event that'll have you head-scratching and your chin wagging!

Your ticket gets you a full night of trivia (with some exciting prizes), plus plenty of drinks and snacks - just get there on time before they're snapped up!

Organise yourselves and book a table for six for $125 or purchase an individual ticket for $25 and we'll match you with a team.

There's a rump steak special on the night, but check out the full menu beforehand on the website.