Asking for a friend

DATE: Thursday December 3rd 2020
LOCATION: Online via Livestorm
TIME: 12.30 - 1.30pm (AET)


Theme – Coping Mechanisms

With guests, Tara Hurster, Psychologist from The Tara Clinic and Lindsay Thompson, Creative Director at GrowthOps Khemistry.

Helping people in the creative industry get answers to the un-askable.

Our industry can be a tough place. While we know how rewarding it can be, we’re also more than aware of how challenging it can be. When times are tough, who can we turn to?

Of course, we hope we can turn to each other. But, when your question is, “I don’t think I can cope, what should I do?” you might keep it yourself and suffer in silence, fearful of how you’ll be treated or the opportunities you might miss out on.

We all know that “asking for a friend”is an easier way to ask a tough question. So once a month we’re going to allow anyone anywhere to “ask for a friend”, to an industry leader, and a psychologist, anonymously, and online.

Asking For A Friend is an initiative by Never Not Creative, Young Bloods Australia and Mentally-Healthy. It exists to make it easier for creatives to ask the unaskable. Wherever you are, tune in on the first Thursday of each month to get help, or just listen to the answers to your friends, colleagues and peers questions.

Our unique combination of industry leaders and psychologists, means that you’ll get practical, relevant advice no matter what your situation might be. Of course, that’s all it is – advice. We want to make it just that little bit easier to share and be heard. But if things get too serious you should absolutely seek professional help. Talk to your HR advisor, manager, or a psychological / medical professional. You can also find resources at

We have 100 places for the live session. Each session will be recorded and available within 24 hours on the site. We use Livestorm for this experience.