Creatives Not So Anonymous

"Useless inept idiot. You never get anything done right, not even for this short blog post". These are just some of the things I think to myself when I'm being pessimistic about my creative capabilities.

And, if left unchecked, I inevitably spiral further down the rabbit hole of self-doubt and stress. Eventually, I just avoid and procrastinate until the last minute which puts a real strain on my sanity and work quality.

One of the few things that pulls me out of the slump is by getting opinions from my friends and creative folks. Usually they call me out for being too harsh on myself (after a healthy amount of banter). The outside perspective absolutely helps me re-frame myself and move past the unrealistic negative self-talk. And I know that I’ll immediately support them in the same way as well if they came to me with their concerns.

But unfortunately that’s not always an easy option for everyone. Your friends and colleagues might be busy, or you might feel like you’re being a burden on them. You might be scared they’ll judge, or it might just feel out of place when everyone's having fun at the office party.

Luckily the amazing people from Never Not Creative are working on a place exactly for the purpose of venting.

It’s called Never Not Creative Circles and it’s a support group for creatives to help each other get out of our own spirals. 8 person, face-to-face online communication over a 6 month commitment. Stop shouting into the void and shout into the circle instead! (It shouts back). Talk through your doubts and fears, share your stories and experiences and get the good vibes flowing. Whatever happens in the circle, stays in the circle.

For more information and to join the Never Not Creative Circles program, click here:

Words by Johnson Ta - QLD Youngbloods Committee