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Adventure Guide

So, you want to work
in advertising...

Inspired by a killer episode of Gruen you just watched? Or maybe you’ve recently had a good chuckle at Superbowl ads and thought ‘ I could make that?’. You might have even just finished school and looking into jobs that could feed your creativity. Many of you are looking for advice on how to break into the industry as you approach the end of your uni days. Perhaps you’re just tempted by the amount of whiskey Don Draper seems to drink.

Whatever the reason we’re glad you’re here and taking the first step towards being the next David Droga*. Advertising is an industry like no other. Every day you’ll get to band together and collaborate with some of the most creative people on the planet to create work that moves people. We even create things beyond traditional ads - products that improve people’s lives. Best of all, sometimes you’ll be able to help produce work that creates positive change in the world.

This guide is packed with all the information you need to know about the loveable rollercoaster that is Adland. What’s advertising? What do agencies do? What are the different roles? How do I get my foot in the door? Your questions are answered here. Don’t expect boring lingo or textbook style explanations - this is written for young ad people, by young ad people. We sugarcoat nothing.

Good luck and see you around.

Youngbloods Australia

*Look him up. You’ll wanna work there one day.