2021 Year in Review

The chaos of 2020 was merely a small amuse bouche into 2021. With WFH mandates. lockdowns and mandatory mask wearing were still in place most of our plans to get down on the dance floor went down the drain. However the pivot we put into place in 2020 to move our mentoring and education for under 30’s really came into fruition this year.

Like every corporation, we launched our own podcast called Lessons in Hindsight, where little dogs (us) interview the big dogs in the industry, our content was listened to and shared globally, hi to that one person in UAE.

We also launched The Hard Sell, our very first creative competition, free and open to anyone, providing an opportunity to challenge yourself and get your work seen by kick ass judges.

To top off the year Vic Youngbloods won The Pitch on Gruen against NSW, ending a three year tie. It was, as host Wil Anderson said, “the best two pitches we’ve ever got from them (and two of the best pitches of the entire season)”.

As a Chrissy present to our loyal fans we guest edited an issue of Gabberish, and talked about the sometimes tricky, icky and sticky topic of Self Promotion, offering insightful advice, that also gave Youngbloods a chance to promote their own creative talents.

Where we could (in Brissy and WA) we hosted events to let Youngbloods do, what we do best get together, network and share experiences with stand out events like Battle of the Bands, WA Sports Day and Under the Surface.

If we said 2020 was the amuse bouche, that makes 2021 the entree, meaning 2022 will be bigger, better and juicer than ever. So, we’d like to extend a big thank you to all of the co-chairs and committee members that help build our community into the thriving space that it is.

2021, National Co-Chairs,
Matt Bladin and Charlotte Goodsir